Joomla Security & Maintenance

Let Intown Web Design Handle all of your Website Updates, Security & Maintenance


Your job is to run your business and get more customers, not keep up with Joomla Core Security and Extension updates.

We will take responsiblity for your site security & updates. As a guarantee, if site is hacked we will restore and repair it for FREE.


We worry about the updating and security and you know that everything is taken care of.


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Our Monthly Service Includes:

  • Immediately applies any core Joomla critical security updates,
  • Monitoring your website uptime
  • Monitoring your website's page load time
  • Monthly visitor traffic reports
  • Monthy website & database backup
  • Applying any needed Joomla extension updates

Since we are managing the security and updates we guarantee our work and will fix your site if it should become compromised.



About Website Hacks & Attacks

Do websites really get hacked?

Yes. There are plenty of bad guys using freely available automated scripts looking for insecure and unpacthed websites to break into. These weaknesses continually surfacing and the attack methods are becoming more sophisticated.


Why are they hacking these sites? I do not have any thing worth stealing.  

You may think you do not have anything worth stealing but you do.  Your companies and website good reputation on the Internet. Often times sites are hacked and links to spam and junky websites are created. The motive is your site is helpful and valuable for users in the eyes of google so any site you link to is also valuable.


How will you protect my site?

We use the industry leading services of This is a paid service that focuses just on Joomla security. It was started and maintained by one of the original core Joomla developers who has chosen to focus specifically on security. This service is trusted and used by tens of thousands of Joomla webistes.


Emergency Response Services


Critical Updates

Apply Critical Patches

Critical Joomla security updates are immediately installed. We are paid subscribers to the leading Joomla Security Service, which notifies us (often before) Critical Security Patches are released.

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Site Down Notifications

We are notified if/when your site goes down start to resolve the issue. We use the industry leading website monitoring to monitor and report on site uptime and web page load time.


Ask our Experts

Have any Joomla questions? Our Joomla experts are here  to answer any questions. We have worked with Joomla since its beginning, let our knowledge benefit you.




Monthly Services


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Monthly Site Backups

Every month we run a full site & database backup. The files are stored on a different server for added redundacy, security and piece of mind.

Core Updates

Apply Feature Updates

Joomla is frequently releasing feature and minor bug fixes. Each month we will apply these and update the site. Note any critical security updates are immediately applied.


Apply Extension Updates

You website consist of many extensions, components, and plugins that provide advanced functionality. We will apply and update any extension updates.



Each Month we will run a full security scan and audit. We review these and the fix any issues that surface.

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Website Traffic Reports

Run Google Analytics Report, looking for any potential trouble issues

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Uptime Monitoring

Review Uptime Report to ensure pages are sill loading correctly

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Google Search

Review Google Search Console for any issues


Our Guarantee

 Should your site get hacked or become compromised we will restore it, remove any compromised files, and get it back online.


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