First Thoughts on Google Page Speed Service

We have recently been testing the PageSpeed Service from Google.  For those not familar this is an online service that condenses, compresses, and makes your site faster.  

Overall it works great, however we have found a few drawbacks.

Steven Johnson
by | Posted: July 30, 2013 |
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How PageSpeed Sevices works

To use page speed you need to point the www record to the google hosted servers.  Your site (at least the WWW version of it) is served from Google's servers and not your web server.

This works like cloud flare except instead of moving all the DNS records you just point as a CNAME to


  • Very good results site loads fast for a great user experience
  • Easy to maintain, we were able to turn off all CSS/JS compression extensions and let Google figure out the best thing to do.
  • It seems to do pretty well. No need for a CDN and maybe no css/js compression or JotCache.
  • The only cache I have enabled is global config > conservative caching.



  • Only works with WWW domains. Does not support Bare Domains
  • Service is stil in Beta, it could be dropped or price could be very high when they decide to start charging for it.
  • A few of our RSJoomla contact forms appear to break. Not 100% why this is happening or what the fix is.
  • Requires a DNS change. I will say the CName record change is much better than the moving your entire DNS servers like is required by Cloud Flare.


Want to see it in action

PageSpeed Service:
No PageSpeed Sevice: (you might not be able to access this domain, sometimes we redirect all bare domain traffic to the WWW site)


All in all we are very pleased and will continue testing and hope to see good things from this service.

Have you tried PageSpeed Service from Google?  If so I would love to hear about your experience.


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